Simple tools, powerful insights

Make the most of DISC profiling online, offline, at work, at home — wherever you work.

Simple profile management

The best and easiest way to track all your past and pending profiles. Send email invitations and be notified when invitees complete their profiles. Best of all: send and view as many questionnaires as you want for free! You only pay when you produce a report.

A laptop being used to send an invitation by email

Complete profiles on the spot

You can also complete profiles straight away — without the need to send an invitation. Ideal for one-on-one meetings, or when you've already collected your responses.

A computer monitor displaying a Discover Profiles questionnaire

Create the reports you want

Create beautiful PDF reports based on completed profiles. Choose from a range of report sections — including custom job matches — to get the insights you need.

A magnifying glass being used to examine a Discover Profiles report

Let's take this offline

Our printed self-score booklet is ideal as a standalone DISC experience, or as a companion to an online profile. The booklet includes a unique self-score assessment, and a large range of reference profiles which readers can compare themselves against.

A paper-based self-score DISC assessment and a Discover Profiles report being viewed on a tablet device